The advantages of owning a gun

I am a huge supporter of responsible concealed carry and gun ownership. I think America is unique in that sense and guns made it possible for people to protect their property no matter against who. All sorts of people and institutions like big government and fundamentally bad people have tried to rip off the honest people of the US and that is why you need to protect yourself.

The reasons why you should own a gun are obvious:

  • You can protect yourself from bad people
  • In case a dictator shows up, the power is spread across the citizens and they can better protect themselves than for example a disarmed country like Germany
  • Gun ownership has made a lot of burglars think twice whether to make a bad move or not. In Europe, for example, there is no threat for thieves, because you are not allowed to kill them even if they break in your home

There you go, there are not a lot of reasons but these three are enough to make it worth it own a gun.

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