The Brownings are still some of the best guns in the market

I know I am a little biased from the start when saying that, but just take a look at today’s market in terms of quality of production, value for the money, materials involved in the manufacturing and so on. Browning remains one of the best gun making companies in the field and I am not afraid to say that they are in top 3 best gun makers in America right now.

I don’t want to annoy you with my words of praise for this company (and believe me, I have lots of them) and just quickly fact check some information:

  • Browning still produces a lot of guns domestically, in the US, thus encouraging local production and manufacturing at the smallest level, making a good contribution to the American system by paying taxes and all
  • All materials are of prime quality and you barely see any quality drawbacks in any of their guns
  • While they offer good quality, the price stays at a reasonable rate for decades.

Call me whatever you want but for me, Browning remains the best gun manufacturing company in the US at the moment.

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