Why do I use an ultrasonic cleaner for my guns and accessories?

I can tell you a lot of stories but I think the best way you could understand what I am saying is actually buying an ultrasonic cleaner for yourself and try cleaning the brass, the gun components and accessories and then come back and tell me how this changed your life.

At the beginning when I heard about ultrasonic cleaners from one of my friends I was too a little suspicious whether to invest in something like this or continue cleaning my guns the old fashioned way. And believe I cleaned my guns the old-fashioned way for more than a decade, so you can easily understand my skepticism.

But let me tell you why I actually use one ultrasonic cleaner.

  • The cleaning process happens in bulk and is much faster

If you get a big enough ultrasonic cleaner, you can fit plenty of gun parts and accessories in one round of cleaning so you could finish the whole cleaning process in about an hour or less. I got mine after reading this article covering the best ultrasonic cleaners, and I am very happy with my purchase. After some period of use, it still works just like in the beginning.

  • You don’t have to concentrate on the cleaning task alone anymore

Obviously, you can simply put the parts in the cleaner then start doing something else more productive instead of doing the cleaning manually.

  • Your gun and accessories will shine again after a long time

As I said, I was a skeptic at the beginning so I used a lot of ultrasonic cleaner solvent/solution and left the parts in the cleaner for a large amount of time. After I pulled the parts out I was amazed how shiny and clear they were and called my friend Carl for thanking him. The cleaning solution gets to parts where you couldn’t get manually.

  • Overall I think it’s cheaper to clean your gun this way

If you think about your time as being valuable, as I do, using an ultrasonic cleaner can prove to be a cheaper method than when you invested your time in it. Since my cleaner is kind of big, I often times put the parts in it and then forget to come after a nap and realize they are already clean and ready to go.

  • You no longer get dirty

I remember very clearly how much grease and mud I had to wash off my hands after cleaning my Brownings, and I don’t want to go back to that any soon. That is one of the prime reasons now I only use ultrasonic cleaners for my guns.

These are my two cents on the subject. You can continue using the old fashioned way to clean your guns, but I definitely recommend an ultrasonic cleaner. It is cheaper, more convenient, more civilized, cleaner and better overall. And considering how rare I recommend new things to my readers, you should see this as something that had a true impact on me that made me share my thoughts about it.